About Kalpna Charitable Trust

Established in first quarter of 2014, Kalpana Charitable Trust is a philanthropist organization mainly focused on developing a platform for a healthy and educated society. We are focused on root issues because these are the biggest barriers that prevent people from making the most of their life. As we think, the best way to empower the society and nation is to empower health and education. The trust is conceived and created by a group of IT professionals.

How we work

We are inspired by passion and compassion for the well-being of people. We make a grant for the health and education issues. We indulge with the issues with the belief and thinking, we can make a difference and leave a good impact over. We start by analyzing the problem, distribute the major problems into small parts and defining our major goals.
We create a philanthropic platform which is long term power driven, sustainable and socio-transformative. We work with the people, for the people. This belief of ours is to change the future.

What we will do

The Trust is conceived and created to work towards the creation of better and empowered society on the measures of health and education.

Initiatives we have planned are:

  • 1. Blood donation to patient
  • 2. Education for the poor and orphan children

Why we do it

Kalpana Charitable Trust is aligned to a vision that better health and education can transform the future of individual, society and nation
Many of you may have encountered with the children who are begging either on railway station or roads, forced to work during childhood, collecting waste materials and not eating well. Their health is also not good, they are forced by nature to eat waste of others. We want to empower them.
The patients who died with the lack of fulfillment of blood during hospitality. We know the value of individual's life for their loved ones. We would like to help them by running a campaign for it.


Strengthen the individual, society and nation through the transformational change in health and education.


Commitment towards the objective of the organization for education and health by empowering the individual's and teach them to motivate others in nurturing the "Joy of Giving". We want individuals to bridge the educational and poverty divide in society.

How It Work

It works by the people, with the people and towards the people. Anybody can contribute through Blood donation, money, books etc. Definitely Your gift make a difference to the society. You can support generously towards the transformation of lives through education and health.