Warning: Do not pay any amount to any person promising supply of blood packets or arranging donors. Inform www.kalpnacharitabletrust.org at info@kalpnacharitabletrust.org. so that we can initiate police/legal action. We have received complaints of middlemen seeking money - kalpna charitable trust has no agents, does not arrange blood/donors and does not collect money for any service.
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How we work

We are inspired by passion and compassion for the well-being of people.

We make a grant for the health and education issues. We indulge with the issues with the belief and thinking, we can make a difference and leave a good impact over. We start by analyzing the problem, distribute the major problems into small parts and defining our major goals.

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Vision & mission

Strengthen the individual, society and nation through the transformational change in health and education.

Commitment towards the objective of the organization for education and health by empowering the individual's and teach them to motivate others in nurturing the "Joy of Giving". We want individuals to bridge the educational and poverty divide in society.

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